Tuesday, July 27, 2010

I Shall Keep my Promise....

....even though I am almost to busy to do so.
Hi there!
I promised VBS pictures BEFORE my 2nd vacation. This one will be with my family. :) I will leave you in suspence about where we are going till we get there, then I'll tell you. :) Vote on the poll on the side to make a guess. (Vote on the other one too.) Anyways....this is not near the amount I took, and I don't have near enough time to show you them all. Sooo...I had a an idea. You can look at them on my Facebook account HERE! Unfortuneatly, you have to have a FB account to see them...so I'll try to see if I can change that.
I have to go to work. Maybe I'll take some pictrues and show you where I work. :)
Enjoy the VBS pictures.
Vacation one's are next!!

Making bricks
My "Mummy" buddy #1
My "mummy" buddy #2
Don't you think she looks like a Docter here with the white on her head? :)
Suspence...who will win?!...oh you already know..sorry! lol
I love this picture with the girl running and water dripping out of the cup...you can just see the action in it.
"Praise the Father,
Praise the Son,
Praise the Spirit , three in one."
The picture makes me think of this song.
And I'll leave you with Joseph. :)

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