Saturday, July 17, 2010

Birthday Party...

A few weeks ago we attened my cousin's birthday party. I'm on my way to a wedding receptions so I'll let the pictures tell the story...I didn't get to many pictures of everthing we did, but here are some of the water fight...and a couple others. :)
Portrait Art #1
Portrait Art #2
Water Balloons!
Birthday Boy
I didn't take many of these pictures....I wanted to get wet! :)
(My sister took them)
Passing out water balloons, so that everybody got an even amount.
Let the fight begin!
On the Right ~ Gotcha! hahaha
On the Left ~ oo, wasn't expecting that!
I'm gonna get you back!
Out of water balloons....Problem solved ~ Use buckets and cups! :)
Click on this picture and check out the girl in the white shirt's hand...
O.K. this doesn't look right! Go Susanna!
Looks like something happened
The top of the car fell off...but it promptly got fixed.
Smiles...looks like they all had fun. :)


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