Friday, May 28, 2010

Up. Up, Up, and Away!

Hello all...from WA! I had a great trip over and havn't really done much yet. Next Sunday we are going to a lake for a week! Gotta go eat lunch now. Enjoy the pics.
(P.S. For thos e of you who don't know, I'm with my little sister (10) visiting our grandparents and having a blast!)
I think Irina will be a good artist whne she grows up....she does a really good job. Takes after Daddy!

I did math....yeah.                          Landing in Spokane.

Above the clouds.
Beautiful Air Scenery!

I love this picture...everything is just so cool!

Nashville....taking off!

Unloading baggage....right after we landed in Spokane.

We arroved waaay to early at the airport when we landed in Seattle... so se had to wait for a gate to open, shile waiting several planes took off....I really like this shot.

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