Sunday, April 11, 2010

Cinncinati Homeschool Convention 2010

Welcome to Cinncinati, I haven't been to a city in so long. So glad I wasn't driving, if I was I would have been lost!
This was so fun, and there was some of the nations best speakers there. John Rosemond, John Stonestreet (my fav.), Susan Bauer, Woody Robertson, Doug Phillips, The Human Caculator, ect.....don't forget Tim Hawkins!!! :)
Chuck Edwards spoke on Movies and Worldview, and Postmodernism. Very good speaker. Had some very good points.
300 exibits!
There were so many beautiful churchs.
Art 1
Art 2
I think this looks like a little kid built it.....out of legos! :)

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